Monday, April 8, 2013

Whole30 Day 8


Eggs, asparagus & chicken

Chicken & veggies

Almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds (plus a hb egg, not pictured)
Pork & chicken meatballs, cauliflower & broccoli

Workout: Strength 25min + HIIT 16 min (Squat jumps, plank jacks, speed skaters, mountain climbers) Oi! 4 sets/ 30 sec work- 20 sec rest

Overall:  Today was a great day! No fatigue & I was very productive. Felt like I could take on the world.  The kitchen is cleaned after dinner, I made hubby's lunch for tomorrow and the kids are almost ready for bed.  Feeling kinda like a bad ass today :) 


Jess @ PaleoJes said...

I'm missing that feeling, I had that day 4 and 5. Awesome feeling though! Gosh your workout looked like a heart starter!!

Tiffany Campiotti said...

Jess- I really wasn't sure I was going to finish round 4 of the HIIT! I about puked at the end. I love it though. I think there's something wrong with me :)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

That feeling is amazing. I am striving for that feeling every single day! Wouldn't that be great? I ordered my JERF shirt ;)

Kim @ Living Laughing Losing said...

Glad you're feeling great...that's awesome!! :)

Jenny {Paleofoodiekitchen} said...

I've been checking out Whole 30 posts to get ideas and i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog via Living Laughing Losing =)

REBYRYAN said...

You inspired me to go buy some asparagus!

Anonymous said...

Hellz yeah, you killed it!

HIIT is awesome, I need to do more of that.