Friday, April 12, 2013

Whole30 Day 12

Coffee w/coconut milk

Sweet potato w/coconut oil, zucchini, spinach & scrambled eggs

Leftover stir-fry & kombucha
(Not pictured: 1/3 of son's banana with a smear of sunflower butter)

Breakfast for dinner: spinach & eggs, sausage, slice of bacon
Plus I ate a ground chicken patty with a bit of avocado

Exercise: HIIT (high knees, plank jacks, squat jumps & switch kicks) 4 sets

Overall: Fridays are busy days. Paying bills, running errands plus all the other stuff around the house.  I felt good today.  The day got off to a bumpy start with the kids, but smoothed out. I hate when the day starts that way though.  I sorta wanted...something today.  I don't know what, I just wanted something special.  The kombucha was nice, and hit the spot, but I wanted another.  Tomorrow it's off to the Farmer's Market again.  I'm woefully low on produce, but it's awesome that nothing went to waste this week! I can't wait to see what I can pick up tomorrow!


Amber said...

I love your breakfast outside, looks delightful. I wanted something special tonight... we stopped into the bar briefly and the wings smelled amazing. I indulged in some banana soft serve when I got home... but now I have wings on the brain!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

You nailed what I have been feeling off and on. Wanting something special. A treat I guess? Isn't that funny... I wonder if its how our body is programmed? Strange!

Your food looks amazing. Everything is so well balanced. I feel like mines always so scattered!

Tiffany Campiotti said...

@Amber- mmmm, wings. That could be a good dinner next week!
@Kristen- seems like we're all feeling the same (which is kinda nice to know). And, I always look at your food and think balanced too, and feel scattered about mine lol.

Jenny @ Paleofoodiekitchen said...

Friday's are the busiest days for me too! Hope you got a lot of good produce at the farmer's market!

Lucy said...

And that's one reason I love my vitamix - it helps tremendously in reducing veggie and fruit waste!

Thumbs up Tiffany!