Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Whole30 Day 3

I spent some time today putting together a little inspiration board for myself, in the form of a collage. It made me feel a bit like I was high school again lol. I flipped through my old Oxygen mags to find the pictures and words I felt were relevant to me. I also put up the calendar to track my Whole30 progression. Just the act of looking for, and at, the pictures and words made an impact on my mood and motivation. I was encouraged to do this as well as I possibly can!

I drank my coffee this morning w/coconut milk.

Breakfast was the leftover chicken patties from dinner last night, topped with avocado. Plus an egg. I definitely overdid the onion. I will make them again, with a few minor tweaks.

For lunch I grabbed a few random veggies from the fridge, homemade sunflower seed butter, apple and roasted chicken.

I brought the plate to the table, turned to get my water and turned back to find that my two youngest children were trying to swipe my food. I graciously shared. That did present a problem mid afternoon though. I got kinda hungry. I should've eaten, but had a cup of coffee that was left from this morning. Not the best idea because I was ravenous by dinner. Lesson learned.

Dinner was egg salad (we really needed to finish off the rest of the Easter eggs). I mashed avocado in with the eggs, some dill, pepper, garlic powder, mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice. YUMMMMMMMMY! I tossed the egg onto some spinach and romaine and topped it with the last of the roasted chicken. As I sit here writing, I am still feeling a little hungry. I think I may go make a sweet potato with coconut oil.

No exercise today. Wednesday is often a rest day because my husband is off work. Depends on my mood :)

How do you inspire and motivate yourself?


Jess @ PaleoJess said...

I did the same thing before I start the whole30, mood board and calendar so I had to stay focused. It's suprising how seeing that on my door each morning does help me stay on track. My toddler always steals my food...

Kim @ Living Laughing Losing said...

I like the inspiration board! I did something similar a few months ago. :)

Maria said...

I should have done an inspiration board but I jumped into the whole30 without dipping my feet in... felt a little blind to be honest. Those first five Paleo friendly days were the hardest for me as a candy-a-holic it was horrible, like "I wanna quit and eat a damn snickers bad". But, those days passed by... I still have the want because it's right in front of me. When I think I'm gonna crack I tell myself I cannot be successful if I keep taking 2 steps back, plus I have a pair size 8's that I try on daily to keep me going. Day 24/30 for me and I feel amazing; my back and hips do not hurt anymore and I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. This keeps me motivated, remembering all of that.

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I need to make one of those boards!

Amber said...

Avocado makes anything better :) That egg salad sounds yummy. I made chicken salad with avocado as the "mayo" and it was great too. Love your inspiration board!!!!

Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

I love your board. I should make one for myself.

Mmmm, the dill with the gigs and avocado winds delicious. I had that for lunch today but I am adding dill next time for sure. Thanks for idea.

Tiffany Campiotti said...

@Leslie- The dill was the flavor that "made" the dish!

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