Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sporadic's my middle name...

Hi y'all, it's me, your favorite sporadic blogger ☺ I had a few rough days since I last posted, but I'm back on track now and rockin' an rollin'. Last week was my daughters' birthday and the cake really threw a wrench in things. Plus I brought Oreos into the house...bad call!! I was okay for a couple days and walked away from them and then I decided to "just have one". Bahahaha! RIGHT!! Like that's gonna happen.
In the space of a few days my weight shot up from 146.8 to 156.2. Yeah, 9.4 lbs! Of course this was not all fat gain, but seriously, that's sooo not cool. And worse than that, I felt like crappola. So I buckled down on Friday and set out to undo the damage. Happy to report that today's weight is 147.2 which practically puts me back where I started. I can handle that.
The next couple days will be interesting as I'm going out of town with the kids. The basic plan is to stick to low carb "paleo-ish" since that's what makes me feel good and doesn't seem to send me to the dark side with my eating. I'll be packing alot of my go-to snacks so I'll have options, and I'm going to enjoy a visit with my parents.
Next week I'll be posting some new progress pictures. I ordered some clothes online and when I tried the stuff on, it all fit. I probably could've even ordered a size 4 in the jeans, the 6's fit just fine (woo-hoo).
An now, I'll leave you with this little nugget.....

Friday, October 7, 2011

Looking for a new book?

Once again I've got a book suggestion for you all. I'm actually working my way through this book for the second time. It's got a lot of great information in it and I want to make sure that I comprehend everything fully. I'm considering taking some notes as I read just so I have a quick reference. This book definitely appeals to my nerd side. If you are at all interested in the science behind how your body works in regards to fat, this is a must read! Even if you aren't interested in the science, you should read this. I learned so much while reading, it almost made my head spin... in a good way. It explained a lot of the things that I had noticed on my own weight loss journey. It also challenges many of the conventional schools of thought on weight loss. Gary Taubes uses science and studies to actually show the how and why and explains it in such a way that the layman can fully understand.
Bottom line, get your hands on a copy of this book! ☺
Has anyone else read this book yet?? Thoughts?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Perfect? Not me...

Current Weight:147.8
Previous Weight:149.4
Change: -1.6
Total loss on Paleo: 7 lbs (2.33 lb/wk average)

Sorry I didn't update y'all last week. We have alot going on right now and I didn't take the time to sit and write. I tried a couple times and just couldn't get my brain to engage. The past week with paleo was probably my hardest. I had a surprise visit from my monthly visitor. Since I'm still nursing my cycles are a bit out of whack. I had one day that stress and emotions got the better of me and I went off paleo and ate some candy corn, a grilled cheese sandwich and drank a beer. I ate it, it's done, moving on. I'm done feeling guilty if I eat something I "shouldn't". I think if I'm making good choices most of the time, I'm okay. Some days are better than others and I don't have to be perfect. Perfect is boring...
Now, on to the workouts. This will be my 3rd week doing the Mama Wants Her Body Back workouts. I like the series. I'm shooting for 4-5x a week (20 min total body + 10 min abs). Plus, I walk and occasionally run and am generally active. There are a few things I like about the Mama Wants workouts: 1) I don't feel like I'm killing myself and can't go on with rest of my day, 2) It's easy to fit into my day time-wise, 3) I'm seeing better muscle definition, 4) It's great for my core! Overall, thumbs up.
So, now you're all up to date. I'm looking forward to a great week. Hopefully you are too. Happy Monday peoples!