Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Whole30 Day 10


Coffee w/coconut milk

Scrambled eggs, broccoli, spinach, jalapeno & ground chicken patty.
Spinach, grape tomato, tuna w/mashed avocado & carrots

Cashews & almonds
3 p.m. I crashed.  Absolutely ran out of energy.  So I ate some nuts. We started making dinner at 4 p.m. but it ended up taking longer than expected.  I went outside and laid on the grass.  Nope, still hungry.  I had more nuts and a half of a banana. It was not a fun time.  I wanted to just shove things in my face. UGH! I made it through by eating the nuts, but that isn't a habit I want to get into.

It was a beautiful day to lay on the grass and look at the sky though...
Grilled pork loin, asparagus & butternut squash puree. VERY YUMMY!!
Exercise: Rest day.  I did mow the lawn for 30 min or so, but no traditional exercise today. 

Overall:  This afternoon was hard.  Otherwise the day was fine.  Not stellar, but okay.  I noticed yesterday that I had been eating more fruit & raisins than I normally would.  Sooooo, I am making a concerted effort to keep the focus on meat, veggies & good fats.  The occasional piece of fruit is okay, but I don't need to be eating as much as I am, plus snacking on the kid's leftovers every time I walk past their plates. I am feeling like I NEED the mid-afternoon snack to get me to dinner, but I don't know. Tomorrow I'm going to try doing a vegetable + protein snack instead of the nut/trail mix route.

On a another note, I got a really nice complement today from an 80 yr old family friend.  She came up and asked "Have you been going to the gym? You look good!".  When I mentioned to my husband that she asked, he told me he's noticed the changes too and that he's very proud of my hard work! Score one for me :)

How do you handle those times when you just want to shove food in your face??


Amber said...

I've been eating too much fruit too! I need to get the focus back on the veggies.

When I get the munchies I eat a whole avocado with a spoon :)

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

I do the same thing as you and I get outside and away from food. I was going to mention having a protein/veg/fat snack instead, I find that has worked nicely for me today so I might stick with it. My hubby randomly complimented me a few days ago, said he was so proud of the changes I've made to our diet since January and that I was looking great...gotta love him :-)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

When I dropped the kids off at school yesterday three other moms told me I looked great! That was in a matter of like 10 minutes. Maybe it was what I was wearing... or maybe it's this whole30?! It's only been 10 days and you are getting compliments already girl! Stick with it girl.

It seems like we all need a snack in the afternoon. I think I'll get on the whole9 forum and see if other people are having the same issues. In the book they say to avoid snacking but that's been nearly impossible for me. They also say don't snack on fruit or veggies because it isn't satisfying. Let me look into it!

I am so glad we are all blogging about it together. You ladies have helped me a lot! :)

Tiffany Campiotti said...

@Kristen- that's awesome you got compliments yesterday! I'm curious what you find out about snacking. Part of me thinks its habit, part of me thinks I'm running low and just need a small amount of food to get me over the hump. And, I agree, blogging about it together is really helpful!!

Kim @ Living Laughing Losing said...

Yay for compliments!!

I was going to suggest more healthy fat. An avocado (even half) seems to keep me full longer.

Jenny {Paleofoodiekitchen} said...

Like you I've been eating more nuts than usual because for me it feels like a treat. Maybe an avocado would be a good snack as Kim suggested.

Great looking meals today =)