Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Whole30 Day 2

Today was an easy day for food. I had a few thoughts about the jelly beans in the cupboard, but only because I know they're there. I considered giving some to my kids but then thought "Why?". Habit I suppose.

I drank my coffee this morning, then did yoga as a warmup to my strength workout. Barbell, ass-to-the-grass squats and single leg calf raises today. 6 sets/5 reps.

Post workout meal: fruit that I rescued after my kids didn't eat it, egg whites & eggs scrambled, +veggie medley (cabbage, asparagus, mushroom, parsley & radish greens). I took it all outside and ate it on the deck.

Lunch: leftover beef curry from last night plus a bunch of spinach.

Dinner: green chicken burgers, mashed turnips & brussel sprouts. For the record, hubby ate one bite of the chicken patty and refused to eat more. To which I replied "whatever, you're on your own then". The two oldest ate without complaint, the 2yr old refused....but that's pretty typical for her :) They weren't the greatest thing I've ever made, but they weren't horrible. I probably used too much parsley & onion.

To make the patties I used a bit of fresh parsley, spinach and onion (chopped lightly in the food processor). Mixed that with the ground chicken and cooked in some olive oil.

I love the mashed turnips (as do the kids), hubs doesn't mind them either. Just know, you must use something like an immersion blender or food processor to "mash" them. A regular potato masher won't do the trick.

One thing I am finding out is that I'm really missing my chewing gum! I chewed it all.the.time. I decided to cut it out for the Whole30 as it contains aspartame. I chew gum while I workout and just about all day long. I'm adjusting, but it kind of sucks.

Hope your day was great!


Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Oh yum on the mashed turnips, will have to give that a try! I had a great day 3, apart from running out of fuel on my morning hill run :(

PinkRunning said...

It all looks so yummy, and wow, so CLEAN! Inspiring!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I really really wanted gum yesterday! In fact I tweeted that yesterday morning haha. I don't chew it often but maybe every other day or so. Everything looks delicious. I made this shaved brussel sprout salad once with cranberries and orange dressing... It was so awful. Like SO bad. My husband was sweet though and pretended it wasn't so bad. I was like you don't have to eat that if you don't want to. He was thankful :)

Jeanette said...

Food looks great!!

And you are better off without aspartame!!!!!!!! There are some, hard to find and not super soft, but there are some gums without aspartame in them.

Emily said...

Digging the bfast shot, awesome workout! I hear you on the gum thing, I had a massive family-size container of gum in my desk that I had to donate to the break room to keep me from going at it.

Amber said...

Beef curry sounds great! The chicken patty looks good too, maybe something to try and again to perfect the recipe.

I want to eat bfast outside... looks nice :)