Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Whole30 Day 30!!!!!!

Woo-hoo! :)

Pre-workout: The usual....coffee w/coconut milk

Tuna, avocado, mushroom & kale sautee + a pear
Son's sweet potato skin w/coconut oil
Plus some fresh coconut water while I was making my coconut milk

Ground chicken, brussel sprouts, broccoli, avocado w/sprinkle of cilantro
Breakfast: Eggs, sauteed kale & roasted jicama
This was my first time trying jicama. Thank you Kim for eating it and giving me the idea lol.  I can't wait to make it some other ways. It seems like a very versatile ingredient.  My husband like it too!

Exercise: 25 min Strength (back squat, single leg calf raises) 10 sets/3 reps + 25 min yoga.

Overall: Amazing finish to the Whole30. Felt good to finish strong. I'll do a Whole30 recap tomorrow with weight change and measurements. Yay for a green smoothie tomorrow! Lol.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Whole30 Day 29

The usual...
I was rushed so I grabbed what was handy...the last of the turkey, banana, avocado & cuc
Salad w/beets & leftover meat from the kabobs + olive oil
Meatballs, julienned zucchini & broccoli

Exercise: 20 min strength (incline bench press, sit-ups, front raise) 10 sets/3 reps, 12 min HIIT (cross jacks, pike push-ups, fast feet, mountain climbers), 10 min Pilates + 40 min walk with the kids (with a break at the park).

Overall: I felt ready to take on the world today. The change seems to be dialing back on the dense carbs (i.e. sweet potatoes). Occasionally they are fine, but if I have them daily, in combination with fruit, it flips me out of balance. I just feel better when I eat lower carb most of the time with a whack every few days... I kind of knew this about myself, but being hyper aware of my food by doing the Whole30 has helped me figure out a few of my personal quirks. Day 30 tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Whole30 Day 28

Eggs w/turkey, beef & spinach, strawberries + son's sweet potato skin (coffee not pictured)
Turkey, veggies & avocado.  I also ate some pistachios because I was starving while waiting for my hubby to get home for dinner.
Kabobs (eaten, outside picnic style)

Exercise: We went for a walk this morning as a family. Enjoyed the sunshine and the activity. It was a beautiful thing. Hopefully I can get it to be regular thing.

Overall: I'm feeling good. I got some girl time with my oldest daughter, nieces and sister-in-laws. Amazing what a fresh pedicure can do. We also stopped at the thrift store. I picked up a couple skirts and shorts. Ahhhhh, retail therapy.
Apparently my daughter smeared something on the lens of my camera lol. Who needs soft focus?  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Whole30 Day 27

The usual :)
Turkey salad w/sundried tomato dressing + grapes (yep, I was feeling lazy)
Spinach, turkey & beet salad drizzled with olive oil (again, feeling lazy)
Burger, roasted carrots & sauteed kale w/bacon
Exercise: Strength (deadlift, shoulder press, bicep curl) 6 sets/5 reps + 20 min Pilates. Oh yeah, and I deadlifted 100 lbs on my last set. Progress! I skipped the HIIT today since I've still got some lingering nasal and chest congestion.

I did a bit of home remedy therapy last night. Not perfectly Whole30 because it had honey in it. My mom always gave us hot water w/lemon, honey & cayenne when we were sick as kids. I was out of lemons, so I used fresh grapefruit (from my tree), honey, cayenne and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Honey helps thin mucus. Since I was having some shortness of breath last night, I felt the compromise on the Whole30 was acceptable. And I feel much better today!

Overall: Feeling good again today. Energy galore. In control. I got a little grumpy with my husband this afternoon, but that's most likely because he loves to push my buttons lol.

One other thing, today, while doing pilates, I noticed I could see the mat through my legs. *gasp* See that gap? lol. My thighs aren't touching in that one spot! Woo!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Whole30 Day 26

The last of the frittata
Beet greens, ground pork & avocado
Roasted turkey, turnip mash, roasted beet & asparagus

Exercise: I planned on yoga...hopefully I'll find some time to do it still. Maybe?

Overall: Feeling back in control. There's something about sitting down and coming up with a plan that just sets my head straight.  Today was a tough day with the kids, full of temper tantrums and consequences for bad behavior.  Not pleasant.  I am sick with a cold, it's not allergies like I thought.  But still, I feel really good emotionally! Rock on friends :)


Can I just start this off by saying a big "THANK YOU" to my bloggy pals and family who sent me encouraging words and thoughts after yesterday's mood. I cannot tell you how much it means. Mentally I'm feeling much better today. I did some thinking. I made a plan for the last few days of the Whole30. I've made my shopping list & menu plan for the week. Positive steps.

For the next few days I will not be eating raisins. Period. This is non-negotiable. Fruit consumption will be limited to post-workout. No nut butters either. Whole almonds (of the raw, unsalted variety) are not trigger foods, so those are acceptable. Water, protein, non-starchy veggies & good fat (more along the lines of avocado) should be my focus. Somewhere along the way this month it feels like I kind of lost track of that principle a little. Refocused and ready to roll now.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Whole30 Day 25

Banana w/sunbutter because I didn't think I could workout in a fasted state today.
It's actually a good thing I ate pre-workout! I didn't get a chance to eat anything post workout because I was rushing to get ready for a dentist appointment.
Lean pork w/beet greens & avocado
Pistachios.... and then I went a little nutso with cashews and raisins (sorry no pic).

Carnita salad
I seared pork sirloin roast and then tossed it in the crock pot with salsa verde.  Yum, yum.  I have leftovers to freeze and use for enchiladas or something else at a later date.
Exercise: 20 min Strength (pull-ups, dips, push-ups) 6 sets/5 reps + 12 min HIIT (jumping jacks, squat thrust, switch feet, moguls).

Overall: It was a tough afternoon. I over ate cashews and raisins. I'm feeling gross and emotional. I wanted to eat sour cream and have a sprinkle of cheese on my salad at dinner. To be honest I had a moment of "why even finish?". Really Tiff? You're 25 days in. I know it's not rational. I know it's just a funk. I have been feeling really good, why this attitude? Probably hormone related. And I'm not feeling that great. I don't know if it's allergies or a cold, but I just feel icky. Okay, pity party is over. I plan on finishing strong. The raisins have got to go. I apparently cannot eat them responsibly....

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Whole30 Day 24

Frittata + coffee w/coconut milk

Leftover sweet potato & spinach salad
And some of kiddo's banana w/sunbutter
Repeat from lunch.  I put some chia seeds and bee pollen on the salad w/sundried tomato dressing
Exercise: 25 min yoga + 2 hours of yard work.

Overall: Today was "leftover" day. Since they're yummy leftovers, it's all good :) I had an emotional afternoon. Overwhelmed I suppose would sum it up. I took some quiet time in my room to settle and even out. No eating to compensate, yay, big step. Gotta keep moving forward...

And now, I'll leave you with this picture.
Baby bird.  We have a nest in the backyard and they are venturing out now. So cute and fascinating to watch the process.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Whole30 Day 23

Coffee w/coconut milk
Frittata & roasted carrots
Fresh coconut water :)
Tuna, avocado & cucumber
Plus crack....aka salted cinnamon coconut flakes
These bad boys were for dinner!
Thank you Kristen for making those sweet potatoes yesterday! After reading your post I had to have them. They are amazing!!! I really can't wait to eat leftovers tomorrow.

And broccoli
Exercise: 25 min Strength (barbell back squat, single leg calf raise, alternating kb swings) 6 sets/5 reps + 25 min yoga

Overall: I felt snacky today. I've decided I must ditch raisins and be really careful with fruit. They are a trigger food for me. To much sugar I think. Yes, it's natural sugar, but sugar and I have a sketchy truce. Things rolled along nicely otherwise. 7 days left! Wow.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Whole30 Day 22

Coffee w/coconut milk
Felt a bit woozy so I grabbed this to tide me over till I dropped the oldest off at school.
"Southwest" frittata made w/ground turkey breast
The basic recipe is at Everyday Paleo...

Salad w/tuna
Plus watermelon
Turkey breast patty w/mushroom & onion, roasted carrots, asparagus

Exercise: 25 min strength (incline bench press-30#dbs, twisting sit-ups-20#db, front raise-10#db). 12 min HIIT (skaters, plank jacks, tuck jumps, butt kicks). 10 min Pilates (butt&thigh).

Overall: I lagged this afternoon, but I think that was due to the workout this morning and the weather. Otherwise, I'm chugging along nicely...

Today's temps were a bit high in my opinion!! I'm not ready for almost 90*!  The end of the week should be perfect....

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Whole30 Day 21

We went out this morning with my parents. They came into town this weekend for a quick visit. Since they spent a good amount of time at my sister's house, we went out to eat before they headed down the road this morning. No picture, it would've been a little too awkward. I ate a veggie omelet (no cheese) and a bowl of fruit. Very yummy. I also had a few grapes and pieces of strawberry before leaving the house (while serving up my kids' plates).

Leftover chicken w/spinach + cauliflower
And some cashews
BBQ'd pork shoulder roast, asparagus & watermelon

Exercise: I spent a few hours cleaning up my garden area and working in the yard. Yay for physical labor 😊
The garden area "BEFORE"

Overall: I feel good. I was a little "fruit heavy" today. It's easy to do. Not super worried, but something I personally need to keep in check. Looking forward to another great week. Hard to believe we're in single digit countdown till the end of this Whole30!