Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Whole30 Day 24

Frittata + coffee w/coconut milk

Leftover sweet potato & spinach salad
And some of kiddo's banana w/sunbutter
Repeat from lunch.  I put some chia seeds and bee pollen on the salad w/sundried tomato dressing
Exercise: 25 min yoga + 2 hours of yard work.

Overall: Today was "leftover" day. Since they're yummy leftovers, it's all good :) I had an emotional afternoon. Overwhelmed I suppose would sum it up. I took some quiet time in my room to settle and even out. No eating to compensate, yay, big step. Gotta keep moving forward...

And now, I'll leave you with this picture.
Baby bird.  We have a nest in the backyard and they are venturing out now. So cute and fascinating to watch the process.


Amber said...

Good job avoiding the emotional eating! Awww baby bird :)

Anonymous said...

That lunch salad looks so colorful and delicious.

It must have been a moody kind of day. I forgot I had a case of the hurrumphs when I got off work. Glad you were able to take a time out to pull it back together.

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Yum I have to try those sweet potatoes. I really hope feel better, way to go on avoiding the emotional eating :)

Kim @ Living Laughing Losing said...

I really want to make the sweet potatoes this weekend.

The birdie is so cute. :)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Next time I'm going to halve the recipe for the sweet potatoes... I'm not tired of them but I'm not sure if they are meant to last as long as they have in the fridge ;)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

We both had a funky day yesterday! What's the deal?!

Tiffany said...

@Kristen- I made 4 sweet potatoes because I was making them for the fam, but 3 would've been plenty!