Sunday, April 21, 2013

Whole30 Day 21

We went out this morning with my parents. They came into town this weekend for a quick visit. Since they spent a good amount of time at my sister's house, we went out to eat before they headed down the road this morning. No picture, it would've been a little too awkward. I ate a veggie omelet (no cheese) and a bowl of fruit. Very yummy. I also had a few grapes and pieces of strawberry before leaving the house (while serving up my kids' plates).

Leftover chicken w/spinach + cauliflower
And some cashews
BBQ'd pork shoulder roast, asparagus & watermelon

Exercise: I spent a few hours cleaning up my garden area and working in the yard. Yay for physical labor 😊
The garden area "BEFORE"

Overall: I feel good. I was a little "fruit heavy" today. It's easy to do. Not super worried, but something I personally need to keep in check. Looking forward to another great week. Hard to believe we're in single digit countdown till the end of this Whole30!


Amber said...

Good job on the gardening. We need to do some here! I've definitely felt a bit fruit heavy... but it could be worse ;)

Week 4!

REBYRYAN said...

Woohoo! I can't believe it's already been that long either!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I also eat fruit while I'm putting food on the kids plates... I also eat it off their plate if they did eat it! It's better than what I used to do... Eat bites of their meals... I ate three bananas yesterday! I was also feeling fruit heavy :)

Jenny @ Paleofoodiekitchen said...

Your garden looks nice and ready! Will you be planting anything soon? =)

Tiffany Campiotti said...

@Kristen- the nibbles from the kids' plates are hard to avoid. I'd rather eat a few bites than throw it away! My kids do pretty well, but it's not uncommon for mommy to be the plate cleaner lol.
@Jenny- I'm hoping to plant a few things this week! My kids are very excited :) It's supposed to hit 88* today. Somehow we zoomed straight through spring and into summer-like weather. I am not quite ready for the heat. I have a feeling it might be a long summer in Central California...

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

I love getting out in the garden, my favourite form of stress relief after running :)