Monday, May 19, 2014

Walk Proud...

1) Pre workout: Bulletproof Coffee  2) Chicken thighs and brussel sprouts (finished the chicken at lunch)  3) Tritip, salad w/pumpkin seeds, sweet potato w/butter  4) Taco salad 
*not pictured- 3 dates smeared w/ghee* This was not the best choice, but I'm being honest. It was definitely an "emotionally" driven food choice. I wanted them for the pure deliciousness of dates and ghee. 

I haven't taken pictures of everything I've eaten lately, but here are the highlights.  I had some off days, but things have generally been pretty clean.  Striving for progress, not perfection...

1) Homemade "trail mix" w/banana  2) Post workout Green smoothie  3) Sausage & sautéed veggies  4) Eggs, melted leeks & apple  5) Chicken thigh lettuce wraps & olives  6) Black Coffee 

1) Bulletproof Coffee [once or twice a week I drink this, otherwise it's black]  2) Summer salad & tuna wrapped in nori  3) Tuna & jicama sticks  4) Sausage, spinach & 2 eggs  5) Berry & spinach smoothie  6) Eggs, sautéed veggies and strawberries 

I've been struggling off and on with an "I feel fat" mentality. There are days that are like that. I made a decision though to just walk a little straighter. Confidence is about more than how you're feeling. Walk proud, even if its hard some days... Head up, shoulders back and SMILE! You'll feel better, I know I did.

Now comes the fun part... Vacation. The kids get out of school on Thursday and we're hitting the road for a week. I'm going to bring good snacks to eat in the car, but I really don't know how the dinners and such will go. This is life, and reality.  I'll squeeze in exercise where I can, and not stress overly much. This is all about making the healthy choices, one decision at a time...

Have a great week!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


My birthday threw me off last week.  Eating was all over the place.  I'd start my day off well but by 3-4 p.m. I was making poor choices and struggling.  Mother's Day actually ended up being a solid day (food-wise). I did drink a few vodkas, but I didn't over eat or go crazy.  I'm definitely noticing how important sleep is for me.  I didn't sleep well for several days after my birthday and noticed that I do not make the best food choices when I haven't slept enough. Part of my goals now is to make sure I'm getting enough ZZzzzz's.

As it turns out, life is full of situations that can throw you off track.  There will always be another holiday, vacation, birthday, social event.... Whatever.  How you deal with life and all the potential "pitfalls" determines your results. 

Here's a look at my food yesterday, if you're interested...

1) Black coffee  2) Lamb chop, brussel sprouts & an apple  3) Tuna, sardine and avocado nori rolls  4) "Kitchen sink" salad w/chicken thighs 
*not pictured- 1/2 apple, handful of raisins and a few dried pears eaten off my kiddo's plates*

Have a great day! 

Oh yeah..... Keep at it!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yeah, I ate that... the birthday edition

1) Black coffee  2) Eggs, chicken, kale & strawberries  3) Creamy broth (directions to follow) & roasted pumpkin seeds  4) Eggs, turnip greens, red potatoes (plus the leftover sausage from my kids plate)

To make the Creamy Broth I blend 2 raw egg yolks  and butter or ghee into a cup of hot broth.  It's delicious and a great way to amp up your bone broth!

1) BP Coffee & banana (pre workout)  2) Chicken, sweet potato, veggies & watermelon  3) Orange mineral water  4) Twice baked sweet potato & broccoli  5) Chocolate bar (shared with hubby), leftover semi-sweet chocolate from birthday treat making (smeared on the banana) + 3 dates stuffed with Sunbutter

Birthday eats: I didn't take pictures... I started the day with black coffee and a banana and a 6 mile run.  Lunch was a cheese burger w/fries. I had several rum & diet Pepsi drinks, ate a small slice of pizza and consumed a number of slices of cheesecake plus a couple "Salted Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles" that I made the day before.

Birthday foods are back off the table.  It was fun, I enjoyed myself immensely and now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Food, a haircut & being happy...

1) Bulletproof Coffee  2) Burger & avocado  3) Chicken, broccoli salad, banana & coconut chips 4) Apple, sunbutter & salami   5) Sardines....eaten with 6) Balsamic glazed cabbage, mushroom & onions

1) Bulletproof Coffee  2) Chicken, asparagus & sweet potato w/butter  3) Bratwurst, cauliflower & caramelized onions

1) Black coffee  2) Chicken breast & leg, asparagus & banana  3) Banana & coconut chips 4) Chicken, broccoli & watermelon 

Things are rolling along quite nicely. I'm feeling MUCH better. Back out of the crazy head space. Breaking the cycle is always difficult for the first few days, but it definitely gets easier on day 4(ish), at least for me.  Making good choices doesn't seem as hard right now. It also helps that I'm focusing on health and not worrying about weight loss. Doing more little things that make me feel good is helping too.  Buying a flattering top, getting my hair done, exercising and regularly spending time in the sunshine all adds up to a happier, healthier me.

Rocking my fresh cut and color.  Definitely a mood booster! 

Be happy my friends! We only have one life...