Monday, January 4, 2010

What about hashbrowns?

First off, I just want to say Thanks for the nice comments on my last post. It was good for me to see the comparison photos too because I don't always see the changes my body has been through when I look in the mirror. I've talked about it before, the mental disconnect between reality and what we see in our head. Even my husband kinda forgot what I used to look like 60 lbs ago. He walked in this morning and I had the pictures up on the screen. He stopped, did a double take and said.... "Whoa". It wasn't a bad thing though. It was more of a surprised reaction. He sees me every day so it's been a gradual shift as opposed to the stark contrast of the pictures. It was pretty funny to be honest. And, it was helpful later in the evening while we were cruisin' the grocery store for a few things.
  • D- "Oooo, what about hash browns? Does that sound good? Are you gonna eat them if we buy them for dinner though?"
  • Me- "We can get them if you want but I'm not going to have any."
  • D- "Ugh, you make me so mad sometimes." (In a disgusted "why won't you eat all crap I want" tone of voice and shaking his head)
  • Me- "Well dear, I can eat the hash browns and all the other junk in the cart and go back to looking just like I did in that picture. But, I really don't want too. That's not the way I eat anymore."
He got this look on his face and didn't say anymore on the subject. I kinda wonder what his reaction would be if I told him I decided to cut out both sugary treats and alcohol. I'm trying not to focus on it and make it a big deal. It's really not. I'm just taking each situation as it comes...saying no thanks to a Mudslide or half a candy bar and staying out of the ice cream is what I need to do right now to hit goal. I'm trying to teach myself control again. The holidays really wreaked havoc on my self control. To be perfectly honest though, I'd been letting the reins slip a bit the closer I got to goal. Fear of succeeding can make a person do interesting things. And, the mid-afternoon munchies are really killin' me the last few days. I'm not even really that hungry, I just want to eat. Today I started munching but pulled it together. Popping a piece of gum and drinking a cup of tea helped me ride it out. And, hubby did offer to help me make a veggie tray for easier and more healthy snacking options to combat the munchies. Wasn't that sweet?
Finally, I'm going to pull out the Star Wars quote again....Control, Control, you must learn Control! I think that's my motto for the week :) What about you?


Greta from said...

OH! I want that on a t-shirt. Control, control, you must learn control. Love it! I also love the saying over at Amazon Runner's blog that says "Never Strong Enough".

It sounds like you and hubby are on a journey, too...that will enhance his respect for you. You are doing a great job comminicating with him and explaining why it is important to you...and why you do and do not eat certain things. That is so good!

The pics you posted are amazing....but now I want to see a before and after full body pic. (not being weird or anything...LOL) I bet if you put up a before and after full body pic the difference would be staggering..60 pounds is so much!

Tiffany said...

Greta, hubby and I ARE on a journey :) He gets it most of the time but needs gentle reminders from time to time. He is one that can eat everything and because of the intensity and stress of his job, he burns it off. It's soo irritating actually :P

As for the pictures...I really don't think I have a full body "before" picture. I'm usually the one behind the camera. I'll have to put some feelers out to family members and see if anyone has a shot of me (UGH!) I'll see what I can do.