Saturday, January 23, 2010

Movin' and Groovin' Again....

I was on a roll this week! And let me say, WOW, it feels great. I missed 1 pilates workout, but other than that I've done everything else I planned. I've also had 5 days of solid, on track eating. Monday is weigh-in day and I am actually EXCITED. The calorie cycling I mentioned in my last post seems to be doing the trick. I would definitely recommend trying it. It's really not that difficult if you're already tracking calories. Saturdays I've decided will be "high calorie" days {1500 or so} since I have my long runs on Sunday mornings. I want to make sure my body is properly fueled for my runs. Something I tried this week is planning out my meals for the next day. This is really helping me stay on track and focused. I'm not as scattered and I'm not eating stuff just cause it's there. I have a plan and I'm sticking to it. My new favorite breakfast is cottage cheese{2%} and fruit...yummy! Pineapple is my favorite pairing and so delish in the morning and it definitely combats my sweet tooth. I also did blueberries and cc...super good too.
All right, that's it. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Gotta get my pilates done before my youngest wakes from his nap or I'll have a monkey crawling all over me while I attempt to exercise :) Here's to new and improved bodies!
(And sorry this post isn't exactly the most cohesive. Just lots of general jibber-jabber for those who are interested. Oh well, can't have awesome posts all the time!)

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Greta from said...

Not jibber jabber at all...good stuff...and exciting! I am excited for your weigh-in, too! And mine...on Wednesday. I'm right with you...eating right on track and feeling SO much better than I felt this time last week. Why do we do that to ourselves....not eat so great, then feel yucky..then not eat great again....silly cycle. THIS feel so much beter, huh? Enjoy that run tomorrow! I am headed to the gym with my 13 year old now. Big one is at a swim meet 3.5 hours away and just made his best time ever for his event....but still a bit shy of the state qualifying time. But..he is improving and that is so cool! And son #3 had his pinewood derby this am..which was fun and he got a nice little award. I even got some work in today, too.....good lord, I am manic. Good food and exercise is better than drugs..tee hee.