Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Oh yeah, I'M BAAACK! It's such a good feeling to be back in control. I've been trying a few things to push me in the right direction. Setting the goals for the half marathon and the shopping spree helped. I know I generally do better with a concrete date/goal in mind.
Something else I've been trying is putting up little messages on the fridge. I've been using the kid's magnet letters, which makes it kinda fun (and very easily changed). What does it say right now?... Stop Freaking out, GOAL 136, DO IT. I have to get a little creative and make the messages short since there are letters that have disappeared {as they tend to do}. But I'm finding it's really helping me. I like coming up with new blurbs cause I can make it tough or I can make it nice, depending on what I need. The "stop freaking out" reminder has been very helpful the last couple days.
Also, seeing my "right now" picture gave me a huge boost to just get it done and finish this journey strong. I've come a long way and I need to prove to myself I CAN, and will finish it...


Greta from www.bigbottomblogger.blogspot.com said...

Hooray! 10 pounds to goal for you....you are so CLOSE....! I am cheering for you from across the country. Can you hear me? Keep up the excellent work and the darn-ass-great attitude! :)

Leslie said...

Hi Tiffany,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. It brought me to yours, and I'm blown away by your before and after pics. What amazing progress you've made. I'm going to read through your archive to catch up, and will be following so I can cheer with you when you hit your goal.

I did look at your exposed post, and am blown away by your courage. You look pretty darn good. I'm going to check out the Exposed movement. In the shape I'm in, might not be such a good idea!