Saturday, January 16, 2010


Let me just start this by saying, I am VERY self conscious about my body. I've been dealing with body issues for as long as I can remember. So what better way to start dealing with them than posting a picture of myself "EXPOSED". And let me tell you, this is a huge step! If you want to find out more about the "Exposed Movement" you can read about it here. I also want to say a special thanks to Greta for inspiring me to put this out there.
When you get down to it, our bodies are amazing. They allow us to do so many things that we just take for granted. I have birthed and nursed 2 children, I have run a half marathon, I am physically capable of many things because I am a STRONG woman!

I'm curious, what do you think about the "exposed movement"?
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Tiffany said...

Ok girl you are so brave but in a good are looking FABULOUS and all your hard work is paying off...way to go. You are always an inspiration to me. Keep up the good work.

Lucy said...

I love your bravery! I think it's a great thing to do-this way you can see yourself for how you truly are. I've done this myself...I have a few pic and I have them "hidden" lest my children find them:) (I have 2 grown children). ONe day I'll find the courage. For now-my hat is off to you and all the other brave ladies in the house who have/are taking part of the "exposed movement."

You look fabulous-your work IS absolutely paying off!

Michelle said...

you are amazing. truly and simply amazing. being a mother, losing all that weight and then loving the body that you have.

loving it for what it's allowed you to do.

good luck with the half marathon, it's truly amazing.

such an inspiration.

~Mish @ Eatingjourney

Katy said...

Incredible -- I am so PROUD of you! I did an exposed post of my own, and it was scary but liberating. I love your blog, and I'm so glad I found it through Mish at!

Roni said...

Glad you joined us! Welcome to the Exposed. ;)

BTW LOVE that top!

Miz said...

**stands & applauds**


it's not easy and yet its entirely freeing huh?

Mama you are beautiful. Inside and out.


Lori said...

You are gorgeous! Don't feel self conscious at all.

I'm not sold on the exposed, just because those photos are on the net forever and can go anywhere, you know? But I think the idea of freeing yourself is a good one.

PrettyWoman said...

Awesome! So jealous. I wish my belly looked that good.

Greta from said...

YOU DID IT! Great job...and.....hubba hubba! Look at how strong and fit you are! You have so much to be proud of. And you KNOW I just bow at your feet in awe over that 7:30 mile and those pushups. "I'm not worthy....I'm not worthy!"

Great job...pretty bra, too. :)

Jules - Big Girl Bombshell said...

To be honest, I have mixed emotions about the EXPOSED movement! I think it is awesome and freeing to put that out to the world, takes a huge amount of courage and I salute all who are doing it. But for me, I think itis an individual challenge.

The self-confidence and the self=acceptance needs to change with the thoughts first. I look at the photos, and the first thing I think is if I only looked that good! That takes me away from the whole spirit of the EXPOSED movement about accepting and loving MY BODY!

So my exposure comes with sharing how I am changing my attitude toward my body with my writing, not by the mirror or the scale.

BABY STEPS! And BIG KUDOS for all of you that are sharing this with the world!

Denise said...

Um, I just found your blog and I have to say, i think you are amazing! Good for you for "exposing" your body. I wish I had the guts to do that but I have bad body issues, too and that might send me off the deep end!! You look amazing! Keep up the hard work!