Sunday, January 24, 2010 a ROW?

Today I decided to move forward into a new challenge. What is it you ask? It's the 100 push up challenge. If you haven't heard of it, here's the's a 6 week training that by the time you finish, will allow you to perform 100 push ups consecutively. I'm stoked. That would be awesome! It's fairly simple and straight forward too, totally easy to follow. If you want to learn more about it and join in the fun, click HERE. I know I can spare 30 minutes a week in pursuit of this task....especially since I'm really on fire to get my arms toned up. I am really happy with the added strength I achieved recently with my dumbell, but I think this is just going to rip me a good way :) My starting point, for those of you interested, is 20 push ups (not too shabby, right?)
So...anybody else want to do this? Anybody in the middle of it now? Feedback, PLEASE!!

*Quick update* I just finished day one and managed 48 push ups total over 5 sets. This took me all of 7 minutes to finish and my 5 year old got a kick out of counting for me! Fun stuff!


Gemfit said...

I thought about starting it a while ago but I never did.

I'll join you - I'll start tomorrow though and do my test to see where I start out!

Greta from said...

20 push ups! Nice! I am eager to read about your progress toward 100! I'm still working on ONE real nice deep push up. All I can do is a few 3/4 or so ones that are not the real deal. Dammit. (work work work)

leslie mae said...

I SO need to be better at these!! Those boy push ups are HARD!!! I can't wait to see the results!!! Good Luck!

Greta from said...


Oooh..I'd do THIS challenge with you! Wanna do it?

And..guess what guess what. I did 3 sets of 6 "almost real" pushups last night. I am getting closer and closer..and maybe brave enough to do the pushup challenge.

Greta from said...

Ok...8 and 6 year old just got back from wrestling practice so we did the squat assessment. We did 100! Half way there. :) It was fun...but...yeah..started to burn a bit.

Diane said...

Damn girl! You started at 20 HE-MAN pushups??? You are AWESOME!