Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lock it down...

After my shenanigans at the beginning of the week, I finally found the strength to lock things down and refocus. It wasn't easy. You see, I *heart* butter. Every time I walked into the kitchen I wanted to pull out a sourdough roll and slather it in butter. I resisted though. And after I "denied" myself the pleasure a few times I felt better. Back in control. Ready to rock and roll again. I went for a run last night and that helped with the refocusing effort as well. I really tried pinpointing the issues that led to my slip too. One thing for sure, I was wallowing. I'm sure it was partially a hormone thing as well. I've started the weaning process pretty seriously and that kind of hit me hard. I can't believe Riley is 11 months old. I know that he is ready because he was losing interest in nursing, but it is emotionally difficult on mommy not to feel needed like before. Onward and upward though. My kids need a strong healthy mommy. And I need to be a strong healthy woman -for me.
Today I have a birthday party to attend and I am going to be good. I let things slide a little for hubby's party and that started the downhill trend. Knowing that I am easily swayed back to old habits, I am going to stick to the things I know will help me get to my goal.

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sabrina said...

Go Tiff!!!! I can't believe that Riley is 11 months either! It goes so fast.