Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Here's a thought....

So, this is a thought I had for anyone who's having a hard time sticking with it. I had it after reading a post earlier today on another blog. Laura (the blogger), is having a difficult time and tends to get derailed easily. I suggested weekly and monthly goals first, but the problem for her is that she isn't very good being accountable to herself. This made me think. And it clicked, what about a penalty? If you set a weekly fitness goal i.e. workout 3x/wk, and you don't do it you pay a $5 penalty. Set a monthly weight goal and if you don't get it you pay $20(or whatever amount will motivate you) . Have a penalty jar that a friend holds for you, that way you have to confess at the time you pay. And, you cannot touch the $ until you get to your goal.
Sometimes you gotta think outside the box. Set yourself up for success. If a hit to the pocketbook is the most motivating, try this. If there's something else you think would motivate you more, I wanna hear about it. What do you think? (I, of course, think it's brilliant!)

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Victoria said...

thanks for the great advise!! like the girl you were describing i am the same way. I always seem to make the mistake of once i make the mistake i just give up the rest of day!! I need to hold myself responisible!! so tahnks for the advice i love the blog