Friday, July 17, 2009

And Another One Bites the Dust...

And another one down, and another one down....ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!!!
For some reason that song just keeps circling in my brain, probably because I been on a roll. The other night I ran six miles in exactly 1 hr. (thanks to a push from Melissa my running buddy), I hit 30 lbs lost (WHAT??? That's just CRAZY!), and tonight I ran a 3 miler in 28:56 (that's right baby, less than 29 minutes).
Can you tell I'm happy? Excited? Had caffeine this evening :0P Tomorrow is going to be a bit of a test. Surprise party for hubby...cupcakes galore, potato salad, burgers, chips. Guess since I was the one planning it I could've come up with a healthier menu...oh well. I'll limit my portions, and get right back to it Sunday morning. Here's to a great weekend!!

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