Monday, June 3, 2013

I *heart* hiking...

I did something unprecedented yesterday...I left the kids with my husband and went hiking solo.  Hiking is something I love!  It makes me happy and recharges my batteries.  I was desperately in need of some "me" time (I hate that phrase, but I don't know how else to describe it).  I love my kids to the end of the earth, but lately everything has been putting me on edge.  My husband could see it too.  Thursday evening I asked him if I could take off on my own for a few hours on Sunday.  He was totally on board. They got some time with Daddy, I got some much needed, soul recharging, solo time. IT.WAS.FANTASTIC.   

Don't get me wrong, I love hiking with my kids, but hiking with 3 kids is kinda tough.  You have to find age appropriate trails first off, which isn't always easy.  I do enjoy hiking with them because it exposes them to something I love and they have a blast.  I plan on taking them next week, which they're excited for.

I have one more hike that I hope to get done this summer.... Yosemite's Half Dome.  My husband said he would do it, and my sister-in-law as well. Hopefully we can get it handled :) 

Taking a break in the shade, listening to the water & birds

Shots from my solo hiking trip


Jeanette said...

Awesome, I love hiking so much, too - wondered how I would feel about it when I have the kids I plan to have, haha! Good for you for getting out there solo :)

Blissful Mama said...

Well done you for giving some time to yourself. Looks like a great walk too. Glad you are feeling recharged!

Amber said...

I love hiking! Glad you could take some solo time :)