Friday, May 31, 2013

Fixing the problem

**Apparently Blogger hates me and didn't want you guys to read a good portion of my previous post.  I fixed it, kind of.  Here's the text that was messed up in the previous post. You'll have to scroll down if you want to see the pictures :)**

I know I promised you guys pictures of my CSA box.  Well, here they are, FINALLY.  A week late.  Sorry.  I've been trying to get my emotional crap under control. I'm adjusting to the summer schedule with all 3 kids home.  Plus, we're potty training (which is going really well, it's just... potty training.  LOL.  Moms will understand that statement).

I had a mini meltdown while out to dinner with my husband on Monday. To be honest, I'm feeling better post-meltdown.  Apparently I was holding onto some stuff and hadn't acknowledged it.  It felt good to let it out.  It was slightly embarrassing to break down in tears in a restaurant, but I don't think anyone noticed...

So, the month of May was pretty bad for me.  I made a lot of nutritionally poor choices.  The scale is up, which is a direct reflection of the choices I made.  Kristen at Change of Pace is doing another Whole30 in June.  I hadn't planned on doing another Whole30 for a while, but after some analysis of my behaviors during my April Whole30, I decided to do another, with the concentration on correcting food behaviors that are issues for me.  Mostly, I didn't correct my food issues last time, I just replaced the foods I was using to comfort eat.  Instead of eating 4 pieces of buttered bread, I ate large bowls of dried fruit & nuts.  Or nut butters by the spoonful.  Overeating is still overeating, no matter what the food choice. I need to focus on changing my responses.  I really like the way I feel when I eat whole foods.  I look and feel better.  I'm going to spend June focusing on making good food decisions, based on hunger, not emotions.  If I need to chew gum to help me through some of those phases, I will.  I'm not going to freak out if my husband marinates our steaks in beer.  I'm going to keep my green smoothies (dairy free).  June's Whole30 will be about improving habits and recognizing sub-par behaviors.  Positive steps forward.


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

We are always on the same page and always seem to be going through the same thing! I haven't made any progress this whole month. Infact I weighed myself yesterday and I am up 2lbs. Stupid. It's all because of my eating habits this month. I'm keeping paleo pancakes and green smoothies. Those aren't my problem... My problem is me. I'm constantly battling the thought that I need a treat or something special. Because I deserve it or because I'm sad or had a long day. This time around I want to break that emotional attachment with food. So no "treats" for me... Even if they are Whole30 friendly.

Blissful Mama said...

Thank you for writing this post just in time for me! I am going to join you again. I felt so much better when I was doing the whole 30 - I haven't been too bad, but I have eaten things that I know will make me feel rubbish and thinking it s OK just once - I am gradually getting worse! Yesterday was the worst yet - a piece of a pastry when a friend came to visit and then had mashed potatoes with butter and milk and then vodka lime and soda! I was just thinking today that I need to rein myself in again before it gets out of control.

Off to get starting weights and measures now!