Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eatin' Good...

Thought I'd give you a quick glance at my food so far. Yesterday afternoon I crashed pretty hard.  I was soooo hungry.  I tried to hold myself off, but in this particular situation I should've eaten sooner.  The HB egg was just enough to perk me up and hold me up while I made dinner.  Lesson learned.  I think I crashed because of my workout.  I didn't like the brain foggy, tired feeling at all!  I thought the sweet potato & banana I used in the smoothie would be enough to refuel, but I guess not.  Still working on this post-workout, refueling thing. 

Yesterday's workout was pretty intense, I did 6 rounds of this circuit: 20 squats, 15 box jumps, 10 burpees.  The actual workout called for 10 rounds, but I was shaking and sweating so much I decided 6 was enough! This is the first time I've done box jumps, they're no joke.  It felt pretty amazing though.  The "box" I used was 21.5" high. P.S. I LOVE powerful movements! lol.

If you're looking for a resource for at home workouts, checkout Bodee Fit.  It's Crossfit inspired workouts using body weight exercises.  You get daily emails with workouts, with links to videos of each movement.  I'm really digging it!

I'm glad I decided to jump back into another Whole30.  I feel so much better when I eat this way!  I am much more aware this time of my personal food triggers (definitely avoiding nut butters & dried fruit this time....or sugar/fat/salt combo).

I hope your June is off to a great start!!


Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Ahhhhhmazing Tiffany! :)

Maria said...

Kudos on the the Box Jumps! I am inspired by this! You are STRONG!!! Happy June!

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Wow what a workout Tiff! That sounds like I'd be puking for sure. Great eats too :-)

Jenny @ Paleofoodiekitchen said...

I am avoiding nut butters and dried fruit too on the Whole 30! I realized those 2 had made me gain weight.

I like how you've posted your daily meals :)