Thursday, June 13, 2013

Finding Nutritional Serenity

So here's the deal folks, I want to clarify a bit.  I feel kind of bad categorizing what I'm doing this month as "Whole30".  Smoothies (even primarily veggie smoothies like I do) ARE NOT Whole30. Someone who hasn't read "It Starts With Food" and looks at my food may get the wrong impression.

I think a better description for this month would be "Clean it up June".  I AM (mostly) following the dietary guidelines for Whole30 & paleo (no dairy, gluten, legumes), but the focus is not as much about food this month. If my husband uses beer to marinate meat or I put a bit of butter on the veggies for dinner I'm not worried, as they're not problem areas.  The focus is my psychological responses and habits surrounding food.

In April I allowed myself at times to consume Whole30 approved foods in a manner that wasn't healthy. Nut butters, paleo mayo & dried fruits are "no brake" foods for me... meaning I over consume them.

By not changing food related behaviors in April, I set myself up for disaster in May. Once I started adding foods back in, old behaviors & cravings came roaring back to full strength.  I very easily regained 6 lbs last month. Frustrating reality.

What I really want to focus on is finding "nutritional serenity". I feel like I'm well on my way. Almost 2 weeks into the month and I have been able to analyze and continue addressing some of my trouble areas.  I think I've finally got a handle on post workout refueling (hint: sweet potatoes are my friend). Not letting cravings rule is also an important step. Identifying feelings of real hunger. Fueling my body in a way that makes me feel good all day long.  I still struggle with cravings right before dinner (snacking while cooking dinner has always been a problem) but not allowing myself in indulge the habit is helping break it.  

So anyway, enough blather... The last three days of food look like this.
The color of this ^^ smoothie came from beets...

Day 11 was a wholly "I feel uninspired by food" day.

The timing of my meals on day 12 was off, so I needed a small "meal" to get me through till dinner. I've been playing around with eating before my workout. Yeah, that doesn't work for me.  I do better working out in a fasted state. Back to what works for me...

Have you found nutritional serenity??


Jeanette said...

I also MOSTLY follow the paleo food guidelines, but not strict like the Whole30. Like you said, a bit of butter in the veggies once in a while isn't a disaster! I am so past the days where I would eat two english muffins lathered in butter, so I feel fine haha :)

It's so much about healthy and longevity (mixed up with vanity) for me - I only put things into my body that won't HURT me (and hopefully will HEAL me). That's my goal!

REBYRYAN said...

Not even close! I am very impressed by your ability to recognize and deal with triggers and problem foods though. Very inspiring!

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

What a perfect way of summing up what you're doing this month! That's exactly it! Not just whole30 because I'm the same as you, I'll still over eat approved foods, simply because I can and then I find my food behaviours totally out of whack...clean it up June :)

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

Really... you and I are always on the same page. Why don't we live closer?!?!? I felt like maybe I focused too much on the foods I was eating in April instead of focusing on my relationship with food. This time around I'm really learning why I want things when I want them and stopping it before it happens. I'm really trying to break that emotional attachment. It's hard when you've been doing it for your whole life!

Tiffany said...

@Kristen- It really is difficult to break the ingrained habits!
This is all a learning process. I finally feel like I'm making headway though in understanding and correcting behaviors. It's been a long road. The good thing is, I can have these "off roads" and then get back on board these days. That didn't use to be the case. I can reign it back in when I start noticing more bad than good. I used to regain 30 lbs, instead of just 6.