Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Going "Crunchy"

If you listen to the "Balanced Bites" podcast, you may know where I'm going with this post, just from the title.
About 3 weeks ago I decided to transition from my normal hair & facial care, to something a bit less.... well, traditional I suppose.  As the girls on Balanced Bites like to say, I went "crunchy" or "hippy" lol. These things are now what I use to cleanse my hair & face...

I like how my hair looks and feels. I like how my face looks and feels. Bonus, it's inexpensive and there aren't any ingredients I can't pronounce.

I know this isn't for everyone. You couldn't pry the Head & Shoulders from my husband's cold dead hands. Same goes for his facial scrub.  I still use regular body wash. I haven't done enough research yet on body cleansing methods. That's next, as long as I can come up with a viable option that doesn't involve too much effort :)
If you want to know more about the regimes I use, here's a couple links:

No 'Poo Method- I use baking soda 2-3x a week + apple cider vinegar rinse 1x per week.
Oil Cleansing (I just use coconut oil, not castor oil)

The other thing I did recently was switch to a more "green" way of cleaning.

Kinda similar, huh? These 3 things pretty much take care of it.  Again, inexpensive. The other important thing in this situation, they're nontoxic (fume-wise, don't go drinking hydrogen peroxide obviously).  I don't have to worry about my asthmatic son breathing in fumes while I clean....I also don't have to worry about what I'm breathing in or what's being absorbed into my skin. Win-win.

So there you have it, I've officially turned crunchy :)

Do you use any non-traditional cleansing products or methods?


Katherine said...

I use a mix of coconut oil/sugar to rub my legs with after I shave in the shower...OMG sooo smooth!! I also use coconut oil on a sun burn to help keep from peeling as much! Love your blog!!

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Wow interesting Tiff! I use coconut oil and sugar rub on my body once a week (twice a week in winter).