Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick check-in

Morning folks! Hope you had a great weekend.  I was good and made a menu plan for the week.  I also went and did the shopping so I have everything.  Did a 4.5 mi run yesterday & weights Saturday.  This week is the start of Body Sculpting Bible Week 3&4.  I'm noticing some nice improvements in muscle tone and strength gains.  As mentioned in a previous post, Sunday was my measurement day.   I'm kicking myself for not taking measurements when I started back up (at 172 lbs).  I did take measurements starting on Sept 29 (at 162 lbs).  Since then, in one month, I have lost 3.5" overall... 1.25" off the bust, 1" off the waist, 1.25" off the hips.  Yay :) Using the military body fat calculator here I am now at 28% body fat (down from 31% a month ago).  Hoping to get down to the low 20's upper teens eventually :)
Gotta run...lots to get taken care of around the house.  Here's to a great week!   

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