Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ramblings about my day....so far

Last week I relied heavily on smoothies for breakfast because it's fast and easy.  Usually mid morning is when I have the time to cook and sit down for a full meal.  This morning however, my 4 year old woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4:15 am and woke up the youngest too while he was at it. Normally I would just send them back to bed, but Riley (the 4 yr old) has asthma and needed a breathing treatment as we've had a cold running through our household. Cue noisy machine and TV time while he does his treatment. Meaning we didn't go back to bed.  Sooooo, I got to do yoga and make a full breakfast for myself before taking the oldest to school this morning. Not necessarily a BAD thing, but yeah, 4:15 am is really early :)
The two kids ended up falling asleep in the car after dropping sister at school...wouldn't that be nice for Mom (a nap I mean, not sleeping in the car)?  Riley actually ended up dozing for most of my 30 minute run too.  Having a cold & asthma really takes it out of the little guy.  Thankfully he's doing much better today than yesterday.
I'm trying to fight this bug off myself.  I really don't want to get sick!  I kept my run short, slow & easy today so as not to overly tax my body, but still get something in.
This was breakfast and pretty typical of what I make most days at some point.... eggs (slightly overcooked from trying to take care of something with the kids while cooking lol), sauteed bell pepper & baby kale, and a slice of turkey breast. These eggs came from my parents' chickens and they are delicious! I was lucky to get some from them when they passed through town this past weekend.   Normally I do a combo of egg whites and whole eggs to get more protein, but I ran out of whites today.  For a while I was separating eggs and tossing the yolks, but it just felt too wasteful so I started buying the 100% egg whites to use with the regular eggs.  Adding the turkey breast to breakfast is also a great way to bump up the protein without the fat.

What is your favorite breakfast??  Do you eat vegetables for breakfast? I love new ideas! Please share.  

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