Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Are Your Eyes Closed?

I really wanted pizza tonight for dinner! We've been trying to eat out less or get sandwiches from the deli instead of eating fast food. Well, I was starving and the idea of chicken salads for dinner was just not cutting it (since that's what I had for lunch). Running out and grabbing something, anything, just had so much more appeal. Then the thought of PIZZA popped in my head. Oh man, we haven't ordered a pizza in forever. So what's a girl to do? Well, instead of ordering a pizza....I made one. Thankfully I remembered that I had crust mix and sauce in the cupboard. Throw on chicken, mushrooms, tomato, caramelized onions & a little feta and cheddar cheese and we had a delicious pizza that's so much better for you than any pizza parlor could ever make. It tasted so good I literally closed my eyes in ecstasy....which made my 5 yr old look at me funny and ask "Mommy, why are you eating with your eyes closed?". I couldn't help but laugh. It just reinforced the point that I can eat well and enjoy my food. Obviously I won't be making pizza all the time, but making a healthier version from time to time is acceptable. I was able to enjoy it without feeling like I was "off the diet" and I satisfied an urge that could have turned very ugly, very fast. I even controlled myself when hubby went out and bought dessert. I enjoyed two bites (again with the eyes closed), and then removed myself from temptation with a cup of sweet tea. Go me :)
So, think about it. Is there a situation you can handle differently like I did. In the past I would have been on the phone in two seconds ordering up a pizza. Coming up with alternatives to make our lives healthier is important.
This is my war. I know I will not win every battle, but I triumphed this time. And that's good enough for me.

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sabrina said...

Yay!!! I made pizza last night too. Though mine was more of the old version we had as kids, not as healthy as yours, but much better than from the store. Yay, you, for fighting the urge to keep eating!