Monday, November 9, 2009

Take stock and analyze...

Today was great! It was one of those days where everything clicked along pretty well. I'm figuring out some of my "environmental" triggers that help keep me in a funk. Things like an unmade bed, a dirty house or hanging out in my pj's ALL DAY LONG. I'm paying more attention to how things affect me. If I roll out of bed and turn around and make it, it puts me in a better mindset than if I walk away and come back an hour later to make it. I'm finding that clutter and disorder overwhelm me and help lead me down the path to the dark side of comfort eating. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a clean freak (my sister will attest to that). But I do like things straightened up- shoes piled by the door (not strewn across the floor), toys in the basket after the kids are done playing with them, etc, etc (you get the point). When my life is more organized and ordered my eating is more controlled. When my home is in chaos my eating generally is too. The thing is, while some of these thoughts were rattling around my head, it's not until I sat down and started writing this post that some of it coalesced. It's amazing what we can learn about ourselves when we stop to think, analyze, and for me, write.
Originally this post was supposed to focus on the great day I had, but the writing went another direction. I did have a great day. I did eat really well. I did go for an awesome run tonight. Mostly though, I wrote something that made me, and hopefully you, think.

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sabrina said...

Yup, must be the related thing going on.....was my problem yesterday......didn't have the over eating thing going on but did have the depression that goes along with the not eating right and not having a clean house to start the day. It is amazing what comes out when you actually write it. Kinda like when you read something out loud. Glad things went really well. Keep going strong!