Saturday, November 7, 2009

Awww, COME ON!!

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, want to see 140 something on the scale! It's just not happening. Grrrrr. I know I need to be patient, it's just hard to be patient. Even though I know the reason for the "plateau" I still get frustrated by it...every stinkin' month. For a week or so I stick at a certain number then the next week I usually see a significant drop. This time however it's a little more irritating than normal. Seeing 150 is just pissing me off. Getting into the 140's would be a huge milestone for me. Since frustration many times "makes" me eat, I am going to try and stay off the scale till Wednesday at least....Saturday if I can stand it.

Mantra of the week: Stop obsessing

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luckybubbie13 said...

I want to write "Don't be discouraged" but I know what you mean. The great thing is to remind yourself of how far you have come and to know that you are not a quitter. You WILL accomplish your goal(s).