Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ha Ha...He Couldn't Hang

So my husband has seen me doing the "Insanity" workouts a few times and has jokingly said that he might start doing them with me. I wasn't holding my breath. He's just not a workout kind of guy. He's in good shape from a physical job, but he doesn't actively train. Anyhow, I wasn't able to work out this morning like usual so I was forced to this afternoon. Well, imagine my surprise when the spouse joined in. Let me just was hilarious! Since some of my readers actually know my husband, I won't say anything beyond the fact that he couldn't hang. Don't say anything to him though, he would just say he was goofing off and not seriously trying to do the workout. I do think he came away from it with a greater respect for how hard I've been working though. And the hard work is paying off. My muscles are getting more defined and I am stronger than I was 3 weeks ago...yay :)


sabrina said...

lol, I could imagine, D! C has done that to me too. lol! on another note, you are going to have a rockin' bod. keep it up!!

Greta said...

Respect can only be a good thing! :) Nice job!