Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Touched the Ceiling!?!

So this is my recovery week for my DVD workout. I'm still working out, it's just not pounding my body as hard. Next week we go into MAX Insanity which is a little scary to think about. Anyhow one of the drills on the recovery DVD is vertical jumps. Stand with feet together and jump up as high as you can. Well, I did. And I hit the ceiling with my fingertips! Out of curiosity I measured the distance and there is a 12 inch gap between my hands and the ceiling if I just stand with my hands up. A foot! Yay! How cool is that?
In addition to the workouts I've been making time again for my power walks or a run. This seems to be a big key to a positive mindset for me as well. And, I registered for the local Turkey Trot. I can't wait. Running a 5K Thanksgiving morning should be a blast! Something to look forward to beside the food...

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Tiffany said...

Hey girl that is so awesome you signed up to do a run, most people use holidays as rests days...NOT YOU...Motivational. Hey can you tell me if you follow a certain diet plan and what that is?