Sunday, November 15, 2009

Movin' In The Right Direction

Ha....149! I saw 149 on the scale. Finally the scale is moving in the right direction again. I feel like I've been bouncing up and down 3 lbs for the last month! I'm a little nervous about staying in the 140's though. I think once I lose a couple more lbs I'll feel more comfortable that the 140's are here to stay. Unfortunately I didn't hit my goal of 147 by the 14th. Since I knew it probably wasn't going to happen anyway, I just concentrated on making choices that wouldn't spiral me downward.
My niece had a birthday party yesterday but I stuck with the veggie tray. I avoided the pizza. I did eat a cupcake and a couple pieces of candy, but enjoyed a nice chicken salad for dinner and went for a run to help offset the indulgences. All in all I'm pretty happy with how I handled things.
Hubby has gone back into sabotage mode (unconsciously)...thankfully I recognize the signs. I have to be strong and say "No Thanks" to the sweets he keeps bringing into the house. If I want to stay in the 140s and fit into size 6, I need to control myself. I had a weak moment this morning when I was very tempted to attack the peanut butter. I was seconds away from shoveling it in when I realized that I just couldn't...not if I want to keep the weight off that I've worked so hard to lose. What's the point in losing it if I'm just going to indulge in bad habits every time I get frustrated or stressed?
So, I set my new weight goal. I'm looking forward to my next race. I figured out my body fat % and it's at 20%....normal is 12-22%. Even though I'm in the normal range I'd like to concentrate on reducing that percent to 17. Tomorrow I start the 2nd month of Insanity. I figure I'll just keep moving forward with the new goals. Just because I didn't hit my goal this time doesn't mean I give up. What it means is that I work harder to hit the new goals I set. So, if you're having a tough time right now, pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Straighten your spine, pick a goal and go full force till you get it! We can do it!!


nic said...

Hi. I'm a new reader but I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! It's so fun breaking in to a new weight "decade!"

Keep up the awesome work!

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

Ohhh good for you! You sound like you did an amazing job at the party and by offsetting the treats with exercise. Way to go!!!

Scott and Manda said...

Dusting myself off is exactly what I'm doing now! I lost 2 lbs this week and what happened today? My dear husband made a batch of no bakes and I just had 3 and helped him lick out the bowl! Thankfully there's these fabulous blogs out there to help put my mind back on track! It's so awesome to see you consistently losing, you're definitely an inspiration.

sabrina said...

Yay.......149, you made it! Keep going! Just remember that you have been building muscle so that would be why you had the vascilating. It will stay in the 140's now. So happy for you!

Greta from said...

WOW...149. I might have weighed that in third grade.....

I forget how old you are..but 20% body fat is are doing great! From the sites I have seen, "normal" for women is 14%-31%. You are in the "athlete" category on this site:

And, look at this one:

You are officially a skinny-mini!

OH....and....I gave you an award over at my blog. Come see. :)