Monday, September 14, 2009

I threw it away...

I hate to waste food! I feel like I'm throwing money away. But, I know my limits. I knew that if I didn't throw away the leftover cake and the two partial containers of frosting I had from making the cake pops for my kids' birthday party, I would continue to pick at them. Since that would be counter productive, I bit the bullet and tossed the junk!It was hard, I won't lie. But I did it. The way I look at it, if it's not good for you anyway then it's not really being wasteful :)
I did well at the actual birthday party. I behaved and made good food choices. I had a couple bites of potato salad and mac salad when I got home but a taste was enough to satisfy me. The veggie trays were a hit and the watermelon was tasty. Overall, I'm pretty pleased by my lifestyle choices this weekend. On Saturday the hubby and I went to a concert and I got a turkey sandwich to eat...instead of garlic fries and pizza. I will cop to drinking a beer, but it was light. It made me realize that it is getting easier for me to make the better choices. And that's encouraging.

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