Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whole30 Wrap-up

I'll start of with my stat changes....

Previous weight:147.2
Current weight:146.0
Change: -1.2

Previous Waist Measurement: 26.5"
Current Waist Measurement: 25"
Change: -1.5"

Previous Hips: 36.25"
Current Hips: 35"
Change: -1.25"

Waist and Hip measurements were the most changed, but I did lose .25" off each of my thighs as well.  I'm very pleased with my results, especially since I wasn't tracking my food like "normal".  I feel like this is sustainable, long term.

Overall: The Whole30 made me much more aware of all the mindless eating I was doing.  It was worth doing, just to clarify that one thing for me.  It also confirmed what I already knew about my trigger foods and about the balance of carbs I need.  I personally struggle with mood and overeating issues if I get unbalanced in that department.  Something to be aware of and watch.

Going forward: There really isn't a whole lot I plan on changing.  I'm going to test out some dairy, see how my body reacts.  I'll probably stick with homemade coconut milk in my coffee in the morning, because I enjoy it.  I'll continue subbing things out, looking for alternatives that I truly enjoy eating.  Making things from scratch is a habit I'll continue as well, because I like knowing what is going into the food the family and I are eating. If there is something that really, really sounds good, I will probably indulge, but that should be few and far between.  While it will be nice not to be as hyper aware of EVERYTHING going in my mouth, I'm pretty comfortable with where I'm at with my eating too. 



Jeanette said...

Last time I did whole30, I stopped being "strict" after the 30 days BUT stayed more than 95% paleo during a week (I added back alcohol and sugar.. eek! but in moderation). Hoping that after this Whole30 I'm doing, I'll be back to that place :)

Kim @ Living Laughing Losing said...

Yay...congrats!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Will you do a 30 day thing again or was this a one off?

Tiffany said...

Scribbles- I will absolutely do this again. Not sure when, maybe August? I plan on staying pretty close to this way of eating, with a few tweaks. I also think when I do it again I'll have a better understanding of possible pitfalls (raisins being one lol). I like the idea of doing a Whole30 at the change of seasons....I highly doubt my husband would be quite as enthused though. He was so enthusiastic about using a beer to marinate our steaks for dinner tonight. I definitely think this will be beneficial to do at least 2x a year.

Amber said...

Congrats on your results and finishing the challenge! I think doing something for 30 days definitely helps make it a habit, so it's nice to relax afterwards, but it's easier to eat healthy! Loved following along :)