Friday, May 17, 2013

"It's not FAIR!"

Hi there lovelies!!  I know things have been quiet lately... I've been a little all over the place.  Every once in a while I hit a point and I kind of lose it.  I throw a temper tantrum, essentially. 
I just get tired of EVERYTHING.  Tired of thinking about food. Tired of making the "right" choices all the time.  And, like a 3 year old, I throw a fit...I eat whatever I feel like, and then some.  Then I feel gross, the scale makes a big jump and I have to slap myself to wake up from the sugar coma that usually results from my "tantrum phase".

So that's where I am.  I've made some positive choices too, but the results of my poor nutritional intake are still an up tick of the scale and some self frustration.

Moving forward.

I've set some goals and reconfigured my workout plan. These are my goals for the next 2 weeks.
  1. Eat 9-12 servings of vegetables daily (3-4 each meal)
  2. Exercise according to the "plan"
  3. No snacking, especially during dinner prep
  4. Eat when hungry, not for "pleasure stimulation"
  5. Do not weigh or measure myself
  6. Drink copious amounts of water
WHEN I finish the next 2 weeks successfully, I am going to reward myself with a new article of clothing (from the second hand store). 

Now, on to something a bit more fun than talking about my missteps....

I joined a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture. "CSA is a partnership of mutual commitment between a farm and a community of supporters, which provides a direct link between the production and consumption of food. Supporters cover a farm's yearly operating budget by purchasing a share of the season's harvest." (Source)

Every week (starting next Thursday) I'll get a variety box of veggies from a local organic farmer. I also purchased a half share of fruit. How did I not know this was available in my area?  Thank you Kristen for posting your CSA pictures on Instagram. It gave me the push I needed to look into it.  If you want to see what's available in your area, you can put in your zip code/city on this website.

I am very excited to try it out and see how it goes!! 

And now, I must go eat something tasty and veggie filled :)

Have a great weekend!! 




Jeanette said...

Loved my CSA the last couple of years... it made me eat a lot of locally grown veggies I normally wouldn't of (like bok choy and kale!)

REBYRYAN said...

Haha! This is me quite regularly! I was doing a farm co-op (it was year round) thing for a while. We stopped for the summer because we were getting so much produce from our garden and then I never got back into it! I need to remember to do that this fall. It sure makes eating healthier a lot easier!

Blissful Mama said...

I went a bit off track today too! You seem really self aware though and your plan is good - and well done for pulling in the reins.
Looking forward to seeing your new second hand store bargain in two weeks!

Amber said...

Aw man... I drank a giant beer on Thursday night and I paid for it all day on Friday. My tummy was on the fritz. It's so hard to stay on track sometimes.

Yay for your CSA. We joined one too... but they never cashed our check so I need to look into that. Thanks for the reminder :)

Sabrina said...

Have fun with your CSA box......I've heard of people getting the boxes and they really enjoy it!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

We are always going through the same thing girl. I'm feeling the exact same way! Just frustrated and tired of everything. :(

I am loving our CSA right now but I have SOOOOO much produce! I need my hubs to get home so I can really enjoy it.

Jenny @ Paleofoodiekitchen said...

The CSA sounds like a great idea! Don't forget to post a pic of your first box :)

Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Ugh I'm feeling ya Tiff! Feeling the same way, and absolutely need to just shake this crappy feeling right off. I wish we had something like csa here in Oz but we do have some great farmers markets.