Thursday, February 3, 2011

You should've seen his face...

My husband tries to be supportive of my weight loss efforts for the most part. He grumbles from time to about the time I spend blogging or tracking my food, but he goes with it. Last night though when he realized I was going to make meatloaf using ground TURKEY, he gave me this horrified look. It was actually pretty hilarious. You see, Wednesday nights are usually "Eat Out" night, but I had the turkey already thawed in the fridge. Meatloaf is something my mom made pretty regularly, but not something I generally do. It sounded fantastic but I wanted to try making a healthier version with the turkey. I had to promise the hubby that if it was terrible we could still eat out. The verdict- it was yummy! I paired it with steamed green beans and mashed califlower and VOILA! A twist on a "traditional" meal with these stats: Calories- 291, Fat-9, Carbs-29, Protein-25, Fiber-9. Not bad if I do say so myself.
So I'm curious, do you have a recipe you've converted to be healthier? How'd it turn out? I'm looking for suggestions people! Weight loss shouldn't be about eating salads 24/7. I want to eat good healthy foods. My newest obsession is beans...more on that topic in a future post.
What's your favorite new thing I need to try?

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Josh, Dana, Zach & Molly said...

We love the green shake at our house! Enjoy!