Monday, February 7, 2011

Weigh-in and Super Bowl Wrap-up

This weeks' official weight-192.2 (that's a 5.6 lb drop from last Monday). Yee-haw! I'm .2 lbs away from my first official 10 lb mark. Oh yeah, and I dropped 3% body fat in the last month! Next week I'm really hoping to be down into the 180's.
If you read my previous post about my worries about Super Bowl, you'll be happy to hear that I did great. I didn't feel out of control, I ate moderately and enjoyed myself! I indulged in 2 beers but had figured that into my plan before hand. The "goodies"- homemade oreo ice cream cake, and homemade mac 'n' cheese- I ate 1 bite of. They were tasty but a bite was enough. I filled up on raw veggies from the veggie tray and some chili. I also ate a half a hamburger patty. I didn't trust myself to have any of the spinach dip and sourdough. Seeing the loss on the scale definitely encourages me to keep on the right path!
I started week 2 of Insanity today. This is actually working great with my schedule right now since I can do it at home when at least one kid is sleeping.
Happy Monday blogosphere! This week's motto- DO SOMETHING! (The irony- I saw it on a Dorito bag LOL)


Lucy said...

Glad to hear it!! What an encouragement(the scale). You're doing great Tiffany!

REBYRYAN said...

ROFL!! I love that your motivation came from a Dorito bag! That is classic!

Great job on the loss!

Sabrina said...

Awesome job!! Not only are you encouraging yourself you are encouraging others too!