Friday, February 25, 2011


I apologize in advance if this post turns into a rambling piece. I've been thinking a lot lately and wanting to get the chance to sit down and write, I just can't seem to find the time. Going back and reading my past few posts I'm actually a little embarrassed by my writing. It just doesn't flow (at least to me). So apologizes...
Anyway, part of the reason my blogging has suffered is exactly the reason for this post...GUILT. I'm struggling with this feeling of failure because I'm not SuperMom. I want to be able to do everything and I can't. Yes, I know that's insane and I'm driving myself nuts trying. I'm potty training and nursing, trying to keep the house clean, doing laundry, paying bills, doing the shopping, tracking my food, exercising, trying to be a loving wife and mother....YIKES the list goes on! And I feel guilty. When I take the time to stop and eat and track my food. When I take the time to exercise. When I take the time to blog! Taking time to do things for myself is hard because I KNOW there are other things I could be doing. The list of things is never ending!

On the bright side, I am taking the time, even though I feel guilty. I know it's important to take care of me so I can take care of everything else. It just gets overwhelming sometimes. And yeah, more often than not, it looks like a bomb exploded in some part of my house.
Only thing, I know some of it could be handled with better time management. So next week I'm going to try and get my exercise done before taking my daughter to school and see if that helps free up some time to get more things done. Right now it feels like I'm just spinning my wheels in certain areas (like taming the explosions).
Fingers crossed that it works...toes too for that matter! I don't want to feel guilty about taking my time...


J said...

Don't feel guilty. I know it is so much easier said than done. I struggle too.

But, as you said, we must take care of ourselves! That makes us better moms and wives.

Remember, that in 10, 15, 20 years...your kids won't remember if the house was a mess. Let the little things go. I try to really clean about one day a week and just "pick up" at night. Otherwise, I do it!!!

Hang in there,

Lucy said...

I wonder if there's ever been mother who hasn't felt guilt? If so, I'd like to meet her...or would I?LOL!

And I'd like to know how did you snap that picture of me (woman pulling her hair out)? Because that was me yesterday in the car w/my husband-poor thing! He was at the mercy of a emotionally unbalanced woman on the verge of a fight or tears at every word said wrong, or rather, perceived wrong! Thank God for a man who doesn't run on MY emotions!LOl! THAT would have been nasty.

Keep up the good work Tiffany, we shall prevail:)

Sabrina said...

Don't feel have tons going on in life like you said. Explosions are what you get when you have little critters running around setting the bombs off and not staying for the clean up. It is life as a mom and it drives us crazy. Don't give up. You are making progress. Things will settle down with the kidlets as they get older. It is just hard right now with the multiple stages of the kids. The weather is getting better outside so it will get easier to get out and get exercise. Feel better, love ya! Hugs!

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I totally know how you feel. It's hard enough to make the time to blog let alone concentrate hard enough to make things flow. I'm just lucky to put captions under my picture sometimes haha. I love blogging and it's really the only thing I do for myself so I really do try to make the time!