Saturday, February 5, 2011

A little scared...

Tomorrow is Super Bowl and my house. I've had a great week and I'm just a little worried about having junk around all day long. Usually I'm pretty good the day of an event, it's the days after when the leftovers get to me. I'm going to try and send stuff home with guests though. I'll let you know how it goes.
I know exercise helps keep me in the right mindset so I'll be back at Insanity first thing Monday. I'm very proud that I kept to the schedule and worked out 6 days this week. Today was the most difficult to get in the workout but I made it happen. Had to shoo the kids away a few times which broke the rhythm, but that's life.
I started out this week with the weight back up at 197.8. Depressing to say the least. This morning's weight was 193.6. Monday morning is my official weigh-in so I have even more incentive to be good. I think I'll change my middle name to "angel" tomorrow LOL. The nice thing about having a week of clean eating under my belt, the junk really doesn't taste as good and the cravings are way down. I'm optimistic about tomorrow since I'm starting to pinpoint triggers. No spinach dip and bread for me :)
Have a great Sunday everyone!

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Lucy said...

Super Bowl doesn't scare me since we're not having anyone over and if we did, we'd make sure to provide only low carb options (if they want something different, they'd have to bring it). BUT....this house buying business has been hard in sticking with the low carb because of the inconvenience!! UGH! I haven't thrown in the towel BUT that's only because of the diabetes! Sad but true!

Just remember-don't go so far overboard that you can't get back on track tomorrow. ALSO: enjoy the game and being around family and friends!!!! They love and care about you no matter your weight (and so do we!!!!!!!!).