Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just rollin' with it...

This week has been interesting to say the least. After my race last Saturday I started getting an earache. I treated the ear with hydrogen peroxide and it cleared up, but I've been dealing with the sinus drainage too since then. Then Monday while doing yard work I pulled the {very heavy, very large} garbage can over on myself and got pinned underneath...hubby and the neighbor had to rescue me. I got some lovely bruises and scrapes from that, and a serious case of embarrassment. And then the dishwasher broke. And then I had to spend a few hours in Urgent Care tonight with my 17 month old since he got his hand smashed in a door by my 5 year old. YIKES! Thankfully my little monkey is tough. His hand is viciously bruised and swollen but nothing is broken amazingly.
I actually managed to get out for my 5 mile run this evening despite the crazy hectic day/week. At first I wasn't going to go but I figured I would feel better in the end if I just went. So, I put my phone in a plastic baggie and stuffed it in my sports bra {seriously, I did} and grabbed my pepper spray and headed out the door at 9:45 p.m. I was right too, I do feel better. I had a good run and I'm no longer craving the ice cream I was earlier. Now, I'm tired and off to bed.... Is this week over yet?

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Brenda said...

I am really enjoying your blog, just found it this week. I am just starting to get into running and hope to do my first 5k this spring. Great job on your 5K run today, I hope to be there soon. Hope your weekend starts to go smoother for you :)