Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Forget the chocolate...I'm going running!

I'm back in control which is a much better feeling than the emotional place I was hanging out in for a few days. My 8 mile run on Sunday morning was stellar and as I expected, it cleared out the cobwebs and gave me a lovely start to the day. I finished the run in 1:03:53 (7:59 mi) which BLOWS my mind since last July I ran a 10K (6 miles) in 1:03:48... This is such concrete evidence of how far I've come over the last 10.5 months. And the best part about running the 8 miles, I felt awesome after I finished. I could've kept going. I have 10 miles this coming Sunday and it doesn't worry me now. I've got my mojo back :) Boo-yeah!


Lucy said...

Glad you have your mojo back:) and congrats on the steller run.

Scott and Manda said...

That is amazing!! My 10k pr is 1:03 too but I'm still running a 10 min mile. How did you work up your speed? Congrats!!