Friday, October 2, 2009

Tried & True #6

Consider a juice fast. If it's not your thing, fine. I have gotten a few questions about what I do during a JF so I thought I'd turn it into a Tried & True post for the week.
First things first, prepare yourself. Mentally- Have a idea how many days you want to go...1,3,& 7 are fairly common. If you're a first-timer, plan for 1 day and see how you feel. You can extend it easily enough. Also be okay with being hungry and tired. The hunger passes but you will most likely feel cranky, tired and sometimes cold. Physically- A day or two before starting you should eat mostly fresh fruits and veggies. Don't gorge on unhealthy stuff. Also, when coming off the fast, don't gorge yourself. Ease your way back in.
Top Tips~
Drink fresh juice, not store bought. Use fruits and veggies you love. Don't over do it with juice...3-6 servings a day (8-12 oz). Drink tea and water also...lots of it. If you just want to chew something...chew gum. Don't overdo it...if you feel tired, REST!
Hope that answers the questions some of you had. If you have any more that I didn't cover, just ask. Have a great weekend!

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