Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Goal

Well, I have to change my weight goal again. I hit my prior goal of 195 and I still have a week and a half till my 5K. I have 10 more days so I think 2-3lbs would be a good loss. Today I'm going to attempt the 3 mile run. I feel confident that I can jog the whole thing. I injured myself last week and haven't exercised a great deal in the past few days, but I think a little break was a good thing. It allowed my body a rest. Remember that you must listen to your body and rest when you need, and eat when you need.

*Update for anyone interested: I finished my 3 mile run today in 31:52! I didn't feel like I was gonna die at any point, and I had enough left to kick it in a little at the end. I don't know why I feel the need to kick it in, this isn't a competition. But I always feel better when I give it that extra oomph at the end*

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome you hit your goal!!!! Good luck on the 5K if I don't talk to you before.