Monday, March 2, 2009

Challenge- Week 4

I'm very proud of myself for doing the challenges last week. Props to my sis for doing them too. Even though my eating was out of control, I managed, at least, to work out.
This week, I racked my little brain for some new ideas. Nothing really inspired me. But, here are my suggestions for this week.

~ Bicep curls- these are great to do while you are on the phone. If you don't have hand weights, improvise.
~ Superman- lay on your stomach, lift arms and legs off the floor like you are flying and flutter them quickly for 10-15 sec. Relax then repeat.
~ One arm plank- hold a push up or "plank" position with one arm for as long as you can, then switch arms.

Good luck this week. I need an attitude adjustment myself. I'm going to work on my emotional well being. And of course, workout.

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