Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Yeah, I ate that... the birthday edition

1) Black coffee  2) Eggs, chicken, kale & strawberries  3) Creamy broth (directions to follow) & roasted pumpkin seeds  4) Eggs, turnip greens, red potatoes (plus the leftover sausage from my kids plate)

To make the Creamy Broth I blend 2 raw egg yolks  and butter or ghee into a cup of hot broth.  It's delicious and a great way to amp up your bone broth!

1) BP Coffee & banana (pre workout)  2) Chicken, sweet potato, veggies & watermelon  3) Orange mineral water  4) Twice baked sweet potato & broccoli  5) Chocolate bar (shared with hubby), leftover semi-sweet chocolate from birthday treat making (smeared on the banana) + 3 dates stuffed with Sunbutter

Birthday eats: I didn't take pictures... I started the day with black coffee and a banana and a 6 mile run.  Lunch was a cheese burger w/fries. I had several rum & diet Pepsi drinks, ate a small slice of pizza and consumed a number of slices of cheesecake plus a couple "Salted Chocolate Cheesecake Truffles" that I made the day before.

Birthday foods are back off the table.  It was fun, I enjoyed myself immensely and now we're back to our regularly scheduled programming...

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Jeanette said...

I try not to give myself too many off-paleo days, but my birthday is definitely one of them :D :D Sounds like you had a fun day!