Tuesday, May 13, 2014


My birthday threw me off last week.  Eating was all over the place.  I'd start my day off well but by 3-4 p.m. I was making poor choices and struggling.  Mother's Day actually ended up being a solid day (food-wise). I did drink a few vodkas, but I didn't over eat or go crazy.  I'm definitely noticing how important sleep is for me.  I didn't sleep well for several days after my birthday and noticed that I do not make the best food choices when I haven't slept enough. Part of my goals now is to make sure I'm getting enough ZZzzzz's.

As it turns out, life is full of situations that can throw you off track.  There will always be another holiday, vacation, birthday, social event.... Whatever.  How you deal with life and all the potential "pitfalls" determines your results. 

Here's a look at my food yesterday, if you're interested...

1) Black coffee  2) Lamb chop, brussel sprouts & an apple  3) Tuna, sardine and avocado nori rolls  4) "Kitchen sink" salad w/chicken thighs 
*not pictured- 1/2 apple, handful of raisins and a few dried pears eaten off my kiddo's plates*

Have a great day! 

Oh yeah..... Keep at it!!

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