Monday, May 19, 2014

Walk Proud...

1) Pre workout: Bulletproof Coffee  2) Chicken thighs and brussel sprouts (finished the chicken at lunch)  3) Tritip, salad w/pumpkin seeds, sweet potato w/butter  4) Taco salad 
*not pictured- 3 dates smeared w/ghee* This was not the best choice, but I'm being honest. It was definitely an "emotionally" driven food choice. I wanted them for the pure deliciousness of dates and ghee. 

I haven't taken pictures of everything I've eaten lately, but here are the highlights.  I had some off days, but things have generally been pretty clean.  Striving for progress, not perfection...

1) Homemade "trail mix" w/banana  2) Post workout Green smoothie  3) Sausage & sautéed veggies  4) Eggs, melted leeks & apple  5) Chicken thigh lettuce wraps & olives  6) Black Coffee 

1) Bulletproof Coffee [once or twice a week I drink this, otherwise it's black]  2) Summer salad & tuna wrapped in nori  3) Tuna & jicama sticks  4) Sausage, spinach & 2 eggs  5) Berry & spinach smoothie  6) Eggs, sautéed veggies and strawberries 

I've been struggling off and on with an "I feel fat" mentality. There are days that are like that. I made a decision though to just walk a little straighter. Confidence is about more than how you're feeling. Walk proud, even if its hard some days... Head up, shoulders back and SMILE! You'll feel better, I know I did.

Now comes the fun part... Vacation. The kids get out of school on Thursday and we're hitting the road for a week. I'm going to bring good snacks to eat in the car, but I really don't know how the dinners and such will go. This is life, and reality.  I'll squeeze in exercise where I can, and not stress overly much. This is all about making the healthy choices, one decision at a time...

Have a great week!!


Jeanette said...

Definitely try to walk proud!! It will only help you feel good overall and make the best decisions for yourself!

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