Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back in the groove & fitness goals...

Sooooo, yeah, I had a few rough days.  Turns out the peach cobbler I made and ate on the 5th was not the best idea. Two consecutive days of sweets (on the 4th & 5th) was enough to trigger some significant sugar cravings. I ate cleanly all day on the 6th (Saturday) until the kids went to bed... then I was on the prowl for sugar.  Turns out we had salt water taffy in the cupboard and hubby had brought home a loaf of blueberry banana bread. Can you guess what I ate?  UGH. And then Sunday was carb-o-palooza. Monday was clean, until evening again when I ate my weight in snickerdoodles. (Apparently it's the worst idea ever to let the kids talk me into making cookies when I'm struggling with sugar). Duh.

Tuesday & Wednesday I went low carb as that is the only thing I know to help me lock things back down. I'm definitely feeling better after two days of lower carb eating.  Today's goal is to eat more non starchy veggies. Tomorrow I'll cut dairy again. 

Yesterday afternoon I sat down and set some new fitness goals.  Low carb & goal planning are generally keys for me getting back in the groove.  So here are the new goals. 

Fitness Goals:

- Perform 10 pistol squats (each leg)
- Perform 5 pull-ups 
- Perform 50 military style push-ups
- Increase box jump to 28"
- Run 3 mi- sub 22:20 

I am going to focus on two (the pistol squats & push-ups) before moving on.  I think these goals are ambitious, but not unattainable.  I reworked my exercise routine and tailored it to the goals. After I've mastered the pistols & push-ups, I'll move on to the pull-ups & box jumps.  Shaving approx 1 min off my 3 mile run time will be an ongoing thing.

If you're curious about the pistol squat, here is a link to the progression plan I plan on following...

For the push-ups, I will be using the 100 push-up plan.

What do you do to get back on track??

Do you have fitness goals you're working toward?


Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Im working on running a faster 5km, then a faster 10km. My ultimate strengths goal is to be able to do a muscle up...I've got to crack the pull up first lol. Coming back from a few sugar days is so tough! I had a sugar melt down when Will did his fingers 2 weeks ago and then I did this yo-yo of sugar days and no sugar days. Gave myself a good talking to and decided it was time to give the BodyTrim system a real go. It uses 3 protein only days (to detox sugar carbs and deplete the stores) then a cycle of 5-6 days low carb, 1 day high carb and the a protein only. It sounds complicated but its really pretty easy to follow. I'm on the second day of protein only and I feel great, no sugar craving and no bloated tummy.
Love your fitness goals Tiff!!

Tiffany said...

That doesn't sound complicated, it's carb cycling essentially, which I've dabbled with in the past. I think I need to play around with it again.
I know since today I'm back off dairy the bloat will go away quickly too. I had the worst brain fog this time around when coming off the carbs & sugar....blah.
Getting faster and stronger is always good :)

Yum Yucky said...

GAH! Pistols KILL me! I have pretty good knees, but the bendy-pistol position for some reason does not cooperate with me. What da heck!