Thursday, March 28, 2013

Weigh-in and Yesterday's Wrap-up

Yesterday was a good day :)
Coffee with the homemade coconut milk got me started. After I took my son the the dentist I came home and whipped up a smoothie with some spinach, frozen berries, hemp seed, ground flax, bee pollen and coconut water. Lunchtime was a can of tuna mixed with some of my pre-prepped massaged kale.
It was a beautiful day so I took my lunch outside and soaked up some vitamin D. Mid afternoon I was hungry so made a snack of veggies and a couple 6 minute eggs (my absolute favorite).
For dinner I made chicken lettuce wraps. I did add a bit of mayo to the chicken, but otherwise it was all good stuff. Very yummy too.
I decided yesterday that I would jot down my food during the day and go into MyFitnessPal at the end of the day and log my food. I like knowing approx how many calories I'm eating and having a idea of how my macronutrients are divided. Yesterday ended up on the low side at just under 1300 calories. I wasn't hungry though and think that has more to do with the pig out I had on Tuesday night.
I finally managed to get my workout in too (the last two days I didn't get it in). I made up my strength session I missed on Tuesday and then did today's workout. I still have to do some yoga, but the big part is done.
Hope your week is going well!
P.S. Official weight today was 149. The scale had bumped up as high as 154 this week, so even though I technically have a gain from my last weigh-in, I'm good with this number :) Plus, I pulled off a couple chin-ups today. Getting stronger is the goal, not necessarily a number on the scale.


Jess @ PaleoJess said...

Are you planning on tracking your calories over the Whole30? I use it sometimes just to check that I've got it all in balance but I'm not sure whether I'll use it during the Whole30 in April, I think I just want to focus on eating well (but its hard to give up calorie counting after doing for so long). Love your coconut milk, I'm making some today.

Tiffany Campiotti said...

I haven't decided 100%. Maybe. I'm not concerned so much about the calories, I just like having the information. It helps me figure out what works for me and what doesn't. And I like having the whole picture. Plus I feel like its a good way to share with people (friends on MFP), outside of my blog....

Emily F said...

I'd say ditch the My Fitness Pal. I was logging with Calorie Count, but quit about halfway through my first Whole30 and couldn't believe how freeing it was!! But I can appreciate wanting the data for future analysis, the geek-side if me loves the end of the day numbers.

Tuna and kale salad is, like, my most favorite lunch ever!

REBYRYAN said...

Ahhhh, you make eating healthy look so yummy! :)

Tiffany Campiotti said...

@REBYRYAN- It is yummy!!! Otherwise I wouldn't be doing it lol