Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weigh-in 3/7

Previous weight: 150.6
Current weight: 149.2
Change: -1.4lbs

To be honest, I wasn't expecting any loss this week.  TOM is close and it's pretty normal for me not to lose right before I start.  Besides one "iffy" day of eating this week, things have been on point. The iffy day was indulging in ribs on Sunday. I felt very blah after over eating. I decided to go for a walk post meal....which morphed into a 5mi run. Yeah, seriously. I was feeling very ambitious (and guilty for eating so much).  Turns out that running 5 mi when your body has been trying to fight off a cold isn't the best idea lol.
I've spent this week in an endless circuit of feeling good/feeling like crap. Pure awesomeness.
My mom is coming into town to visit for a couple days and I have to register my son for kindergarten today. Hopefully I'll find time to strength train somewhere in my day.
I hope your week is going well. I promise to try and get another post written soon with more info than just my weigh-in blurb.....

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Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I've felt the same way this week. One day I'll wake up with a sore throat and the next feel perfectly fine. My kids are sick so I've been waiting to get it too. I think rest is the key!