Monday, January 21, 2013

Balancing Act

Saturday afternoon hubby called on the way home from work and said, "Wanna go out tonight?".  Of course I said, "Let me make a phone call and see if Grandma can watch the kids!!".  Thankfully she was thrilled to come over and hang out with our monkeys so we could have a nice evening away.
I got dressed up in something pretty and off we went.  It felt so good to feel like "I look GOOD".  I've been having more and more of those days lately.  It's definitely a shift in mindset and a positive one in my opinion.  For so long I've struggled with negative body image.  While I still have areas that I consider "problems" I can look objectively and say "You've worked hard and it shows".
The hubs and I had an interesting conversation at dinner which I thought was worth sharing....
Normally when we go out I get some sort of salad. Not always, but most often.  I shocked him on Saturday when I ordered Chicken Picatta and just doubled the veggies. He voiced his surprise at my choice.  Nope, it wasn't ultra healthy as it was covered in a rich white wine sauce. Did I enjoy it though? 100%  That led to a conversation about finding balance. 
I want to go out every once in a while and eat something out of the norm.  I'm really working on finding balance and learning how to live life without the extremes of "dieting".  It was one meal.  I enjoyed it and shared dessert with my husband and then came home and fell right back into the "norm" on Sunday.  In life there are going to be occasions to overeat. But, I like how I feel right now.  I hate how I feel when I'm out of control and shoving crap in my face.  So now it boils down to what kind of decisions will I make.  Will I choose to eat well MOST of the time or will I choose to let food and sugar control me? I choose to feel good.  I choose to be active.  I choose balance.


Scribbles said...

Oh me too Tiffany. I just know if I don't find the balance this time round I will end up putting it all on again. Balance is so necessary. Glad you enjoyed your night out with Hubby.

CharlyG said...

I love this post! That's where I want to be. I'm tired of the extremes. Once I get the bulk of this weight off I want eat healthy but be able to indulge occasionally.

Aimee Campiotti said...

I have found that with balance and a plan, I don't feel so hungry or miserable. It's like if I do this then this will happen but also this. (Eat heathly, look fit, enjoy a splurge every now and again).

Lucy said...

I am most happy and most productive when I am in balance. It's something learned though, a "dicipline" for me. I tend to go extreme one way or the other.

Happy you had a great time!